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Amanda Jane Daley at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach


Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-CoachAmanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Pickering-Health-Coach Tatiana-Amico-Health-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach

 Amanda Jane Daley at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach

Amanda Jane Daley is a Business Mentor for Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs. To quote from her website:

Known for her online marketing mastery (with 18 years of experience) Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards — and in just a few years, has built a high six-figure coaching business. As owner of the thriving Health Coaching practice ‘Fuel Urban Wellness’, Amanda now combines her health, wealth + business expertise to mentor other entrepreneurs and coaches achieve the same goals. Driven by a dream of shifting the way the world values health, Amanda has become the go-to expert for healthy entrepreneurs who desire a heart-fuelled business and a freedom-based lifestyle.

She wanted to have a meeting she was having with some clients documented. I met this ambitious and driven group of women in a hotel suite at the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach. Besides for photographing Amanda in action, I also photographed each woman individually so they have some professional portraits for their websites and social media platforms.

We then headed to Plnthouse, a restaurant by chef Michael Kinney, which is located inside the hotel. The restaurant itself is beautiful. There is so much natural light streaming in and potted plants throughout give it a natural, environmental feel. (See a photo of Plnthouse.) It was a dream to photograph there (location is everything!) I took some portraits of Amanda that are some of my favorites from this session, and photographed the group as they continued their meeting.

If you want to see more of these inspiring health coaches, you can check out these links: Amanda Pickering’s website, instagram, and facebook account. Also check out Tatiana Amico’s website, facebook and instagram account. These health coaches are not only kind, easy-to-relate to women, they are also some pretty fierce women who I would highly recommend to help you get healthy and fit.

To see more about Amanda Jane Daley, check out her instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest account.

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session South Pointe Park Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Flip Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

How awesome are these two friends?! We had such a blast photographing at South Pointe Park. We started off with some portraits by the greenery. The sun was still intense but beautiful, illuminating their faces and highlighting their hair with a golden glow. We ventured to the water for more fun and adventurous photos. That headstand? They nailed it on the first shot. And then there was the 360 degree flip. Are you kidding me?? I can’t do a cartwheel or even touch my toes (seriously. I’m not flexible at all). I love the last shot where they ran into the ocean together, not caring that it’s winter in Miami (aka 80 degrees. Sorry.) and the water is definitely not 90 degrees anymore. Free spirits + adventurous is what this session was all about.

If you’re thinking of of having a Miami Beach friends photo session, you don’t have to bring anything along. But you can get creative and bring along some beach balls like these high school friends did. Or anything else you can think of. Celebrating a birthday in Miami Beach is so much more fun when you can have a professional take your photos for a full hour or two (the time goes by much faster than you think!). Here are other friends photo sessions in Miami. (I’ve taken so many more sessions of friends but the blog does get neglected from time to time… New Year’s resolution is to keep this blog updated for once.)

See all the photo sessions that were taken at South Pointe Park. All of my favorite spots for a photo session are listed on my website.

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