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Coral Gables Photographer Holiday Photo Session

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A few favorites from last year’s session:
photosession054 Coral Gables Photographer Holiday Photo Session Coral Gables Photographer Holiday Photo Session coral-gables-photographer

Coral Gables Photographer Holiday Photo Session

Last year I photographed this family when they were still a family of three. Was so great to meet their newest addition who is crazy adorable and all smiles! We met at the beautiful entrance to Coral Gables called the Prado entrance. I LOVE this place. The light is simply beautiful in the morning and the coral structure is so unique to Miami. Last year we met at Matheson Hammock, another one of my favorite spots in Coral Gables.

We got some family photos for their holiday card, some sweet moments with grandma & grandpa, plus some candid moments documenting their family at this point in time. I love comparing the yearly photos and the little ways everyone changes, but it always seems most noticeable in the children who grow up so fast.

Last year they brought along their son’s favorite fire truck, which I thought was an awesome idea! This year they brought along some bubbles which captured their attention for a short while. While the youngest one is just a baby and still crawling, I can’t wait to see what next year is like once he’s running around!

If you’re looking for a Coral Gables Photographer holiday photo session or to document your family, contact me here. See all the photo sessions I’ve taken at the Coral Gables Prado entrance.

This Coral Gables Photographer holiday photo session was taken at the Prado entrance, see my other favorite spots in Miami for a photo session.

Coral Gables Photographer Holiday Photo Session © Tova Photography 2016

Miami Business Headshots and Lifestyle Portraits

Miami Business Headshots and Lifestyle Portraits


Miami Business Website PhotographerMiami-Business-HeadshotsMiami-Business-Headshots Miami-Business-Headshots

The look we were going for for this session was a relaxed professional look in an outdoor environment. The company she is creating is about wellness in the workplace for women leaders, so a “softened business vibe” is what we were aiming for.

For the location, we ended up going with this really quaint spot called the Coral Gables Prado entrance. It has a coral structure with plenty of pillars and flowers along a small pathway. It’s a great spot for a morning session once the sun filters through about two hours after sunrise.

The 1 hour flew by, we had a blast laughing most of the way through! I love the two looks she wore- she did an impeccable job on the colors and styling. Everything was thought through – the colors she wore will match the resulting website.

I realized during the session how much I enjoyed this style of business portraits. Outdoor Miami business headshots and lifestyle portraits are so much more dynamic and interesting than indoor, bland portraits on a backdrop, in my opinion.

If you are a business entrepreneur, author, speaker, lawyer, etc. and are looking for a photographer to take pictures for your website that are more natural and showcase your personality, please contact me and tell me what vision or vibe you have in mind.

Miami Business Headshots and Lifestyle Portraits © Tova Photography 2016

Coral Gables Family Photo Session

See this family’s post from last year, two years ago, and the year before that. Miami-Family-Photographer

Miami-Family-Photographer Miami-Family-Photographer Miami-Family-Photographer Miami-Family-Photographer

Coral-Gables-Photographer Miami-Family-Photographer Miami-Family-Photographer Tova Photography is a Miami Family Photographer and Miami Engagement Photographer who photographs in South Florida, including but not limited to Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Fisher Island, Brickell and Sunny Isles.

Coral Gables Family Photo Session © Tova Photography