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Rachel & Jacob, Miami Couple Photographer

Miami Couple Photographer Miami-Couple-Photographer-003 Miami Couple Photographer Miami-Couple-Photographer-005 Miami-Couple-Photographer-006 Miami-Couple-Photographer-007


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I had such an incredible time with these two! Not only are they super kind, good-hearted people, they are so loving and sweet together. We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. The beach was empty (weekday afternoon!), the sky showed off with its magnificent cloudscapes, and the shallow water created beautiful reflections. We started off taking pictures by the water then walked to the South Pointe Pier. I’ve never photographed on the actual pier before. It turned out to  be a good spot because of its view overlooking the ocean and rocks from a higher angle.

This session took place at South Pointe Park, once of my favorite spots in Miami Beach. See all the photo sessions at South Pointe Park (quite a lot!) on the blog. Looking to find the best Miami Photography locations? I’ve got you covered there as well.

I love photographing couples. Whether it’s for an engagement session, you’re on your honeymoon, just got married, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or simply because it’s been ages that the two of you have been photographed together. Or just because you’re totally smitten and in-love and want photos documenting this time in your life. Let’s not leave out one of the most exciting categories – the pre-engagement, surprise proposal sessions!

Key Biscayne Engagement Photography: Why to Choose Crandon Park!

Key Biscayne Engagement Photography

key-biscayne-engagement-photography key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-002 key-biscayne-engagement-photography key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-004 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-005 key-biscayne-engagement-photography key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-007 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-008 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-009 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-010 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-011 key-biscayne-engagement-photographer-012

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful Crandon Park is in Key Biscayne. I was thrilled when they chose this spot for their engagement session! It was windy, but we worked around it and were able to get gorgeous photos before sunset. They were such kind and easy people to work with. Loved how comfortable they were with each other and the resulting pictures we captured.

Crandon Park in Key Biscayne feels more like untouched wilderness than the beaches in Miami Beach. As you walk to the beach you will probably see peacocks, geese and iguanas roaming free. They really leave you alone if you don’t bother them. The beaches are also generally quieter although on weekends it can be more packed with people.

It has a plentiful amount of coconut trees with green, yellow and orange hued leaves. It truly looks like a tropical paradise. I highly recommend taking a look at Crandon Park for your Key Biscayne engagement photography session! It’s a beautiful and tranquil Miami spot.

Choose Crandon Park for your Key Biscayne Engagement photography session if:

  1. You love beaches
  2. Coconut Palm trees and sand dunes sounds like your kind of tropical paradise
  3. You don’t mind the sun, wind, sand, or an iguana visitor 🙂

If you are in the Miami Beach / South Beach area, you may want to consider the beach by South Pointe Park. It doesn’t have palm trees on the beach, but it is still a beautiful spot at sunrise or before sunset!

Key Biscayne Engagement Photography 2016 © Tova Photography

Miami Engagement Photography

Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer Miami-Engagement-Photographer

I met Christina and Mauricio for an engagement mini-session at sunrise. It was a crazy morning – it literally started raining as I was biking to the session! The rain started up again just as we were about to head out. They were so relaxed and willing to wait it out. I love working with people that are easygoing and willing to make things happen no matter what. Sure enough, 15 minutes later the rain had passed and the sun came out in all its glory. They were completely up for anything and headed into the water at the end of the session!

Miami Engagement Photography / Mini-Session © Tova Photography