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South Pointe Park Maternity Photo Session

South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-014South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-002 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-003

South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-001 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-004 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-005 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-006 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-007 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-008 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-009 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-010 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-011 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-012 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-013 South-Pointe-Park-Maternity-Session-015

South Pointe Park Maternity Photo Session

It was balmy afternoon with a mostly clear sky and small clouds barely visible in the distance. We met at one of the my favorite places in South Beach, South Pointe Park. We went to the beach for the first set of photos and then she changed into her second outfit. It was a beautiful, flowy dress that really showed off her belly in a flattering way – perfect for a beach maternity session.

I took a few photos in the greenery with the sun acting as a hair-light. Noticing that we didn’t have much time before the sun would set completely, we went back to the beach for the remainder of the session. There was an orange glow which made for some of my favorite images. Love the sweet moments between her and her husband. One of my favorites is where they are looking at her belly in anticipation next to a giant log on the beach, and the sky’s hues match the pastel pink of her dress.

Ideas and tips for what to wear to a Miami Maternity Photo Session:

  1. Check out this Pinterest board for maternity photo shoot clothing ideas.
  2. Always wear what you feel most comfortable and GOOD in. Forget what looks good on someone else; you need to feel great in your outfit.
  3. Having a hard time choosing between two looks? Feel free to bring along a second outfit!
  4. Flowy dresses that show off the belly work really well.
  5. Fitted tops also look amazing! For example, you can wear a fitted tank top with a cardigan on top that can be worn on or off. The contrast of colors photographs really well.
  6. You can go with classic neutral colors or stand out with bold colors like this red dress.

The best time to schedule a Maternity Photo Session is around 7-8 months, when the belly is large but not to the point where you feel too heavy and uncomfortable, usually in the ninth month. This is totally up to you though and how you feel 🙂

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Miami Maternity Photo Session


miami-maternity-photo-session miami-maternity-photo-session miami-maternity-photo-session miami-maternity-photo-session miami-maternity-photo-session

Miami Maternity Photo Session

These two came down to Miami Beach from Ocala, Florida and decided to schedule a beach maternity session while in town. They were so easy to photograph! Their love for each other really shows, and this momma-to-be looked especially radiant. At seven months pregnant, it was the perfect time to show off her belly. Sometimes the husbands aren’t exactly thrilled to take part in a photo session, but he was so sweet and gladly obliged with all my ideas. I’m so excited for these two future parents! Can’t wait to meet the little one next time they’re in town.

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I generally recommend scheduling a maternity photo session around 7 months, when you’re showing but still feel pretty comfortable. This is of course up to you – it could be scheduled at 6 or 8 months depending on your body and how you’re feeling. Once the baby arrives, I love photographing the newborn stage. This can can take place n the comfort of your own home (any room with lots of windows and natural light works best) or outdoors in a very shady area.

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Family Photography

Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography001 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography002 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography003 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography004 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography005 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography006 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography007 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography008 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography009 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography010 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography011 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography012 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography013 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography014 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography015 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography016 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography017 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography018 Miami-Beach-Botanical-Gardens-Family-Photography019

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Family Photography

It was on a weekend afternoon that we met at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. They have two delightfully friendly, adorable boys and another on the way. The mother mentioned to me beforehand that she wanted to focus on family photos not just maternity pictures. The importance was to document their family at this point in time, and I love the moments that resulted.

As a photographer you generally have to give lots of direction – setting people up, providing ideas, etc. (otherwise you’d have a bunch of people standing around wondering what to do). But with young kids there’s only so much control you can have. Sessions can be a little hectic but at the same time, there’s beauty in that. It’s those moments you don’t plan for that can sometimes lead to the most unexpectedly beautiful photograph that you’re most proud of. For example, in the third to last image of the boy lifting his shirt up to mimic his mom’s pregnant belly – that was entirely unplanned. But it’s so adorable that it makes me smile every time I look at it.

The parents were so laid back yet at the same time extremely loving and in-tuned with their children’s needs. Their boys are equally warm and loving. They relished in the attention they got from their parents, showered in hugs and kisses. I’m looking forward to seeing them again when they’ll be a family of five 🙂

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is a great spot that I adore for family photography. There is a small fee for photographing here, but it is so worth it in my opinion! Other Miami photography locations are listed on my website.