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Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Family Photography

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Miami Beach Botanical Gardens Family Photography

It was on a weekend afternoon that we met at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. They have two delightfully friendly, adorable boys and another on the way. The mother mentioned to me beforehand that she wanted to focus on family photos not just maternity pictures. The importance was to document their family at this point in time, and I love the moments that resulted.

As a photographer you generally have to give lots of direction – setting people up, providing ideas, etc. (otherwise you’d have a bunch of people standing around wondering what to do). But with young kids there’s only so much control you can have. Sessions can be a little hectic but at the same time, there’s beauty in that. It’s those moments you don’t plan for that can sometimes lead to the most unexpectedly beautiful photograph that you’re most proud of. For example, in the third to last image of the boy lifting his shirt up to mimic his mom’s pregnant belly – that was entirely unplanned. But it’s so adorable that it makes me smile every time I look at it.

The parents were so laid back yet at the same time extremely loving and in-tuned with their children’s needs. Their boys are equally warm and loving. They relished in the attention they got from their parents, showered in hugs and kisses. I’m looking forward to seeing them again when they’ll be a family of five 🙂

Miami Beach Botanical Gardens is a great spot that I adore for family photography. There is a small fee for photographing here, but it is so worth it in my opinion! Other Miami photography locations are listed on my website.

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session South Pointe Park Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Portrait Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Friends Photo Session Miami Beach Flip Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session

How awesome are these two friends?! We had such a blast photographing at South Pointe Park. We started off with some portraits by the greenery. The sun was still intense but beautiful, illuminating their faces and highlighting their hair with a golden glow. We ventured to the water for more fun and adventurous photos. That headstand? They nailed it on the first shot. And then there was the 360 degree flip. Are you kidding me?? I can’t do a cartwheel or even touch my toes (seriously. I’m not flexible at all). I love the last shot where they ran into the ocean together, not caring that it’s winter in Miami (aka 80 degrees. Sorry.) and the water is definitely not 90 degrees anymore. Free spirits + adventurous is what this session was all about.

If you’re thinking of of having a Miami Beach friends photo session, you don’t have to bring anything along. But you can get creative and bring along some beach balls like these high school friends did. Or anything else you can think of. Celebrating a birthday in Miami Beach is so much more fun when you can have a professional take your photos for a full hour or two (the time goes by much faster than you think!). Here are other friends photo sessions in Miami. (I’ve taken so many more sessions of friends but the blog does get neglected from time to time… New Year’s resolution is to keep this blog updated for once.)

See all the photo sessions that were taken at South Pointe Park. All of my favorite spots for a photo session are listed on my website.

Miami Beach Friends Photo Session © Tova Photography 2017

Miami Beach Family Photo Session

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Miami Beach Family Photo Session

I had such a great time photographing this family! We headed to South Pointe Park for a Miami Beach family photo session that combined mostly greenery shots with a few beach pictures. My favorite photos are of the parents and grandparents interacting with the kids. I especially loved when the grandparents laid down in the grass beside their 4 month old grandchild and when they crouched down to play with their other granddaughter. There was a lot of love and laughter, plus a few breaks to feed the baby who was much happier with a full belly 🙂 It was so easy and fun working with everyone that the time really flew by. We got the remaining golden minutes of sunlight on the beach, a great end to a fantastic session.

This session was the beginning of a very busy week of photographing families, I think the busiest of all of 2016! After I sent them their gallery, I was really touched to get this feedback:

Tova was wonderful and we’d definitely work with her again!! We had quite the group – 8 adults and two small babies and she was so easy going and completely ready with props and all to make the babies smile and grab their attention. When we arrived my daughter had just thrown up all over her dress and my niece was super fussy. With a very calm demeanor, she helped us all pull it together and get some great family photos! We were so thrilled with how lovely they came out, but we were also so happy to have someone professional and calm like Tova. It was a lovely experience thanks to Tova! (Read the review on Google)

Honestly, it’s messages and reviews like this that really makes it all worthwhile. Photo sessions aren’t always perfect, but what is? And define perfection. Is perfection having every strand of hair in place or a mother laughing with her child or a father getting a hug from his toddler? Or a couple hugging each other tight or laughing as one picks the other up and kisses them on the shore with the sound of the waves crashing behind them, their hair windblown from the ocean air? It doesn’t mean that I still don’t try to let people know if something looks out of place (like a phone bulging out of their pocket lol), but it’s simply when the love and spirit between people comes through that is most important to me. And it’s a total collaboration between the subject and photographer.

Miami Beach Family Photo Session © Tova Photography 2017