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Small, Intimate Outdoor Miami Wedding Ceremony at Sunrise

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Small, Intimate Miami Wedding Ceremony at Sunrise

While I specialize in family and couple photography, on occasion I’ll photograph very small, intimate outdoor wedding ceremonies that are usually no more than an hour or two long. I love the intimacy of just having close family members present, or sometimes it’s an elopement with just the couple, minister and myself. There’s no chaos involved, no crazy stress, no wedding planner, no hall, no intense planning. Just the couple committing themselves to each other. Saying their vows, declaring their love for each other, in an intimate ceremony with no additional bells and whistles to distract from what a wedding is really about.

This wedding took place just before sunrise at 6:45am on a cool Miami morning. Their closest family members were present, dressed in mostly white and cream colors. It was a beautiful ceremony, when the vows were said there were tears and smiles. After they were married, there was a palpable sense of joy and love. After taking some family portraits, we spent the remainder of the time capturing just the two of them under the golden glow of the rising sun.

The location for the wedding was on the beach behind the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, Florida.

Family Photography in Miami Beach

Family Photography in Miami Beach Family playing around Miami Beach Piggy back ride Miami Couple miami beach family fun Miami Family portrait miami Family laughing on beach Sibling photo Miami Family Photography in Miami Beach Couple photo miami Couple photo miami couple photo Miami boy portrait MIami boy portrait miami Brothers Miami photo shoot Family Photography in Miami Beach

Family Photography in Miami Beach

You know how it can take time to get comfortable and feel at ease with strangers you’ve just met? Sometimes a photo session can start off a bit like that… and then after a short while the fun starts to happen. I like to start with the formal, more traditional photos that’s always nice to have. Then as time goes on, kids and adults feel more comfortable being themselves in front of the camera and things can get exciting and sometimes even a little chaotic 😉

After we took some group photos in the greenery we walked to the beach. The boys were hoisted onto the backs of their uncle and his partner where they finally had some real smiles and laughs. The parting jumping shot was so perfectly synchronized that no do-over was needed 🙂 I love that the session ended on a high note with everyone energized and in a great mood after spending quality time with their loved ones.

For family photography in Miami Beach, I recommend taking a look at these locations for a photo shoot. Or, send me your own ideas! If you have young kids, it’s always best to schedule it around when they’re happiest – after napping, eating, etc. It’s also handy to have drinks and snacks on hand for them. The best parting advice I can offer is to be super loving, affectionate and energetic at the photo session. The moments that are most cherished are ones that highlight the relationships we have with our loved ones.

This session took place in South Pointe Park in Miami Beach.

Spirited Family of Four: Sunny Isles Photographer at the Acqualina Resort

Sunny Isles Photographer at the Acqualina Resort

Couple Portrait Miami Borthers portrait Miami Family Portrait Miami Florida Boy laughing Sunny Isles Portrait in Sunny Isles Florida Couple Portrait Miami Sunny Isles Photographer Couple having fun in Sunny Isles Family of Four Beach Portrait Brothers on the beach

Sunny Isles Photographer Family playing basketball

I arrived at the Acqualina Resort (heard many great things about the hotel) and it was a grey and rainy day. It didn’t matter for this family! When the emphasis is on the love and interaction between a family, no storm is going to affect that 😉 We began photographing indoors opposite a large window and after some time passed we were able to head outdoors for some photos. After playing around and giving each other piggy back rides, they ended with a game of basketball, my kind of people!

Photographing indoors is a great option when you have large windows and enough room indoors to accommodate your family. I’ve photographed indoors at several hotels where either the apartment inside is nicely decorated to be a suitable space for a photo session, or sometimes they have a space for an event that is not being used.

Make sure to clean the indoor space and place the couch or seats opposite the window. Be sure there are no distracting objects behind the subjects’ heads which can be very distracting. I sometimes will move furniture around a bit so I can sit people in the best possible place for optimum lighting.

The lobby of the hotel can sometimes work as a suitable space, again as along as there are large windows and not too many people around. Always double check with the hotel first to make sure its ok with them. Some hotels have a policy not to allow any photography on the premises.

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