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Amanda Jane Daley at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach


Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-CoachAmanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Pickering-Health-Coach Tatiana-Amico-Health-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach Amanda-Jane-Daley-Business-Coach

 Amanda Jane Daley at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach

Amanda Jane Daley is a Business Mentor for Health Coaches & Wellness Entrepreneurs. To quote from her website:

Known for her online marketing mastery (with 18 years of experience) Amanda has earned recognition by the world’s top advertising awards — and in just a few years, has built a high six-figure coaching business. As owner of the thriving Health Coaching practice ‘Fuel Urban Wellness’, Amanda now combines her health, wealth + business expertise to mentor other entrepreneurs and coaches achieve the same goals. Driven by a dream of shifting the way the world values health, Amanda has become the go-to expert for healthy entrepreneurs who desire a heart-fuelled business and a freedom-based lifestyle.

She wanted to have a meeting she was having with some clients documented. I met this ambitious and driven group of women in a hotel suite at the 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach. Besides for photographing Amanda in action, I also photographed each woman individually so they have some professional portraits for their websites and social media platforms.

We then headed to Plnthouse, a restaurant by chef Michael Kinney, which is located inside the hotel. The restaurant itself is beautiful. There is so much natural light streaming in and potted plants throughout give it a natural, environmental feel. (See a photo of Plnthouse.) It was a dream to photograph there (location is everything!) I took some portraits of Amanda that are some of my favorites from this session, and photographed the group as they continued their meeting.

If you want to see more of these inspiring health coaches, you can check out these links: Amanda Pickering’s website, instagram, and facebook account. Also check out Tatiana Amico’s website, facebook and instagram account. These health coaches are not only kind, easy-to-relate to women, they are also some pretty fierce women who I would highly recommend to help you get healthy and fit.

To see more about Amanda Jane Daley, check out her instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest account.

Miami Headshot Photographer: Natural outdoor lifestyle photography

Miami Headshot Photographer: Natural outdoor lifestyle photography

Miami Headshot Photographer Natural Headshot Photographer Miami Miami headshot photographer Natural Headshot Photographer Miami

I am a Miami headshot photographer that takes outdoor, naturally lit portraits. I make things super simple – we choose a spot that either suits the look you are going for, or we can select a spot close to your home or work so you don’t have to travel far. We’ll talk about the best time and what kind of background you would like – greenery, beach, urban, or even just a simple wall can be a nice background.

If you need need a Miami headshot photographer for your linkedin profile or for your own business contact me or send me an email to info@tovaphotography.com . Besides for headshots, I take environmental portraits and a range of horizontal, vertical, full body and close-up shots. This can be helpful if you are creating a website for your business and need a variety of portrait photos.

I offer several different packages to suit your needs. Some questions to think about are: how many photos do you need? How many different outfits would you like? Do you want just one simple background or a variety to choose from? How much time do you think you will need? Some people are looking for just one headshot in one spot while others are looking for a variety of pictures for their website.

Consider getting your hair and makeup done prior to the photo session. It’s important to not only look professional but feel professional. Think about the audience you are trying to reach and how you would like to be perceived – casual, authentic, natural, professional, etc. If you know in advance the look you are going for that is great. Checking out other websites from people who are in a similar field as you can help give you an idea of what look you are going for.

I took the bottom four headshots you see on Eurochannel‘s website. Other clients of mine include Stiers Law, author Doncha Freeman and realtor Diana Drake.