Vegetable Garden Update

Mango PlantMango

Hot Pepper Plant

Hot pepper



Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok Choy

Red Zebra Tomato Plant

Red Zebra Tomato

Bok Choy and Mint

Bok Choy & Mint

Kale Container Gardening


Growing Lemon From Seed

Lemon (started from seed)

Mint Red Zebra Tomato Perennial Flowers Sage

Sage (top) Rosemary (bottom)


Container Dill plant Mango plant Kale, Broccoli


4 thoughts on “Vegetable Garden Update

  1. Sarah

    Love the photos!!!
    So sharp and special. The plants are healthy and good looking 🙂
    I love the first one with the tomato. It reminded me the this: Like a rose among the thorns
    And the basil is amazing too.


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