June 9, 2022

12×12 Leather Heirloom Photo Album

12×12 Leather Heirloom Photo Album

Handmade Luxury Photo Albums

One of my favorite products that I offer my clients are these stunning photo albums. Each page is thick and sturdy with no gutter in the center. You can add a photo to the cover and engraving or debossing. You can choose which photos you’d like to go in the album and then I create a custom design for you. My clients love having these photo albums on their coffee tables to show friends and family when they come over, or simply to look back at and marvel at years gone by.

Leather Heirloom Photo Album

No Wall Space Necessary!

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a few favorites to frame for your wall. Or maybe you don’t even have any wall space. What’s nice about a photo album is that you get to have ALL of your favorite photos to look back on in one place. I’ve had clients select as many as 45 photos to be included in their album.

A Variety of Cover Options

You can choose between a Linen or Leather cover, as well as a variety of different color options. Even if you’re out of town it doesn’t matter. I send my clients all of the options via email 🙂

Don’t let your photos languish on your hard drive!

You’ve spent so much effort to take family photos. You chose outfits, you got everyone together, you had a great time at the photo session and you love the photos. But now time has gone by and you simply haven’t had the time to do anything with your photos. They’re languishing on your hard drive – and often hard drives can crash (for this reason I urge you to backup your photos in several online places like Dropbox, iCloud, iDrive, etc.).

I’m here to take all of the hard work off your shoulders. I spend literally hours and hours designing albums (or wall designs if you’d like to frame your photos) and then meticulously edit each and every photo to make sure it looks perfect when it’s printed. The album is then shipped and delivered to you so you can enjoy your photos for years – and generations – to come.

See a recent 12×12 Heirloom Photo Album

This is a recent photo album I created and shipped to a client. Every few years they book a family photo session so I’ve been able to document their kids growing up! They order an album in a different color for every session and tell me how much they enjoy looking at the albums and showing them to friends and family. I photographed just a few of the inside spreads so you can get an idea of how the inside of the album looks.

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Leather Heirloom Photo Album
Leather Heirloom Photo Album
Leather Heirloom Photo Album