November 3, 2020

He surprised his wife with a photo shoot!

They got dressed up but she had no idea where they were going. I met them at one of my all time favorite spots: South Pointe Park. She was in shock for awhile, in disbelief that he had planned a photo shoot for them. I think the photos speak for themselves in just how in love these two are.

couple portrait miami park
couple walking in south pointe park
couple kiss south pointe park
she laughs at his jokes
he dips her romantically
couple embrace between the palm trees
couple portrait south pointe park
couple pose miami photographer
south pointe park view
couple pose by the water
couple in miami
couple beach photo shoot
couple photo shoot in miami
husband and wife stick tongues out
romantic beach walk
couple beach portrait
romantic beach walk
she laughs at his jokes
“Kiss her neck” I told him. This was her joyous laugh in response.
Covid-19 changed all of our lives…
A coronavirus potrait.

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