August 15, 2013

Honeymoon Session at Sunrise

Miami Beach Photographer RomanBella2

A lot of people have been opting for sunrise sessions lately, some because they are morning people (I’m not!), and others because the beach is practically empty at that time. Photographing this early definitely awakens my senses rapidly.

First thing I do when waking up at 6am or even earlier depending on the season, is keep looking out the window towards the East to see what kind of sunrise it will be. On this particular morning I saw huge puffy clouds. My first thought was – I hope it doesn’t rain – and the second one was, they should make for beautiful and dramatic photos with the sun reflecting light off of them.

When we got to the beach the first thing I noticed was the abnormal high tide which created shallow pools of water, perfect for glassy reflections. So many favorites from this session, more coming soon.