November 11, 2013

Miami Engagement Photographer plus Tips for your Engagement Session

Miami Engagement Photographer

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These two were such a dream to photograph! They were so in love with each other, fun and easy to work with. They were looking to take engagement photos in Miami and so we chose South Pointe Park for the location. It’s a beautiful spot in Miami for engagement photos because it has a gorgeous park, beach and even some places around the area that are scenic too.

If you’re looking for a Miami engagement photographer, I would love to discuss what you have in mind for the shoot. I can help you decide on a location if you don’t have one in mind already. I would first decide whether you prefer a beach, park or urban location.

I often combine the beach and park since there are several locations in Miami with a park next to a beach (like South Pointe Park). I like the variety of backgrounds so the photos don’t end up looking static and it helps keep the energy of the session when we move to different spots.

I created a list of the Best Locations Miami Engagement Photography. You can also take a look at a longer list I compiled with the best Miami photography locations. It is listed according to neighborhoods (i.e. Miami Beach, downtown Miami, Coral Gables, etc.) but all are located in South Florida.

For clothing, I recommend keeping it simple – stay away from heavy graphics, dark clothing, and busy patterns and logos. I find that it works best if the couple wears different colors that coordinate well together. Take a look at my pinterest board for ideas on what to wear.

If you take a look at all my previous blog posts on couples, you can see what other people have chosen to wear. It will help give you ideas on what you like or don’t like. I also recommend bringing a change of clothing so you have two different looks for your engagement session. Some people prefer a dressy look and then change into something more casual.

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