November 10, 2016

South Beach Family Photographer: Getting drenched in the rain!

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South Beach Family Photographer: Documenting a family through photography

I met this family at South Pointe Park for an afternoon family session. They wanted photos that were not formal, but more casual and fun. The kids ran around, tried climbing coconut trees, and were free to be completely themselves – I think you can tell from their real smiles 🙂 We also managed to sneak a few of the family together for their Christmas card.

We headed to the beach at the end of the session and the weather was starting to change. Dark clouds were rolling in, the wind was picking up and we began to feel a few drops of rain. All of a sudden, it started POURING. We ran back to the park for shelter, laughing so hard along the way at the absurdity of it all. We were drenched.

Thankfully they were so easygoing and carefree about it. In fact, we ended with a few of them having fun in the rain. “We won’t ever forget this” was our join sentiment.

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