February 15, 2017

Vizcaya Family Photo Session

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Vizcaya Family Photo Session

It’s not too often that people choose Vizcaya Museum & Gardens as the backdrop for their photo session in Miami. There is a permit fee, but I think it’s really worth it for the unique backdrop that Vizcaya offers. We went there during the weekday for an afternoon session. Their white and khaki outfits were perfect so they stood out from the background. While this brother and sister have very different personalities, I love that we were still able to capture some sweet moments between them. She lovingly placed her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the cheek -total heart melt! Then the two walked hand in hand toward me, sometimes running gleefully.

I love the one of the mother holding her son in the gardens and kissing his cheek. My other favorite is the father throwing his daughter in the air as she laughs and seems to float in the air. We spent the remaining minutes of daylight by the water. I adore the last one where the daughter is gazing intently with a serious face, her arm wrapped around her mother’s neck as she looks back at her lovingly.

I highly recommend Vizcaya if you are looking for a unique spot in Miami for a photo session. It would be perfect for a Miami engagement session or a small family photo session. You can easily spend two hours here if you really want to utilize different area of the gardens as well as the water. The villa and gardens were built in 1916 in the Italian Renaissance style by James Deering. While you can’t photograph inside the museum itself, the gardens offers a gorgeous and unique backdrop, replete with statues, arches, and perfectly landscaped greenery.