August 7, 2017

Delano South Beach Hotel Engagement Photo Session



Delano-Engagement-Session001 Delano-Engagement-Session001 Delano-Engagement-Session001

Delano South Beach Hotel Engagement Photo Session

These two happened to be in Miami at the same time, coincidentally at the same hotel. Both were with a friend hanging out at the pool by the Delano Hotel in South Beach. They ended up talking for hours over drinks and hit it off right away. They shared a lot in common and knew there was a connection. They kept in touch over long distance and now here they are several years later, engaged. They thought it would be a good idea to head back to where they met for the first time. It was funny as they spotted the couch where they had their first conversation. After spending some time at the hotel, we headed to the beach before sunset for the remainder of the session.

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I love photographing engagement sessions and will work with you to figure out the best location for you and recommend the best time for lighting. You can opt to wear one outfit for the whole session or change mid-session for a different look (one more dressy, one more casual for example). It’s totally up to you! Best advice I have is to be yourself – always wear what is comfortable and makes you feel really good – and just enjoy being with your partner. I give plenty of direction on what to do during the session but am always open to any ideas you might have. It’s normal to feel awkward at first being photographed but as the session goes on you’ll get more comfortable and feel more at ease 🙂