August 9, 2017

1 Hotel South Beach Family Photography


1 Hotel South Beach Family Photography

Erin contacted me about setting up a beach photo session to capture the love they share and the memories they’ve made together as a family. Even though they didn’t plan for it in advance, somehow they had the perfect wardrobe wearing white, cream, light blue and pink which stood out well against the blue of the water (see ideas for what to wear to a session).  They couldn’t have been more fun and easy to work with. As a photographer, you can suggest ideas and poses but you need the connection and love between people for magic to happen. The ones of them laughing are some of my favorites 🙂

They were also extremely flexible with the timing of the session. Some days can be cloudy with less light to work with, while this particular day was very sunny so I asked them if they were okay with postponing it to a bit later to get the golden light (and less squinting!) which they quickly agreed to. We managed to finish the session just as the sun was setting.

For this photo session, we met up at the beach behind the 1 Hotel South Beach. Because lots of the buildings along Collins Avenue can block the sun, I try to head to areas in between the buildings where the light comes through. We found a spot close-by on the beach which worked perfectly.

1 Hotel South Beach Family Photography © Tova Photography 2017