March 11, 2022

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session: 10 Tips

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session: 10 Tips

If you’re not sure what to wear to a maternity photo session, or simply need some advice or visual ideas, this post is for you!

Tip #1: Be Yourself.

Dress in your own authentic style. I am not the kind of photographer that thinks everyone needs to be wearing a certain style outfit like a long flowy dress if you feel more comfortable in a fitted top and jeans or vice versa. You may feel amazing in an open maternity dress, or you might prefer an outfit that’s more fitted. Go with an outfit that you love.

In terms of color palette, if you’re someone that loves bold colors, then don’t shy away from wearing bold reds or blues, for example. If you love neutrals, then stick to lighter colors or pastels. Both options photograph well.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session
A fitted white tank top well contrasts well with dark jeans and a grey cardigan, It also complements his white shirts and neutral toned pants.
miami beach couple expecting baby

Tip #2: Wear something that you feel GREAT in.

You know how you feel an extra boost of confidence when you wear something you feel great in? Wear an outfit that is not only authentically you but most importantly, you love the way it looks and feels on you.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session
Wear an outfit that you feel great in.

Tip #3: Avoid clashing with the background.

This simply means that if we’re photographing at a park, stay away from greens and browns. I want you to stand out from the background, not blend in with it. Blue at the beach however can still work, I just recommend pairing it with a contrasting color such as white which will help you stand out from the background.

family portrait with their dog expecting first child
Her pink floral dress pairs well with his blue top and white pants. The colors help them stand out from the greenery.

Tip #4: Coordinate outfits.

For a couple maternity session, make sure you and your partner’s outfits look good together. You can either go for a matching look of neutrals (for example, all white, white and jean, etc.), or mix and match colors that go well together (for example, whites, pinks, blues, etc.). Contrasting outfits also look really good – for example, a light colored top with dark colored pants, or vice versa.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session
A well coordinated outfit. The pink tones and his white pants look great against the blue of the ocean.

Tip #5: Dress for the location.

For a location such as Vizcaya, you should dress more elegantly than you would at the beach. Make sure to bring comfortable walking shoes as we move throughout the gardens. At the Design District, you might choose to wear something more fun and stylish. At a park, you can wear casual chic or dressier outfits- however you feel most comfortable.

For the beach, you’ll likely want to be barefoot, especially if you want to walk in the shallow water. Sometimes I have my clients stand in the shallow water if I can get a good reflection shot. For this reason, I recommend bringing a change of clothes and towels for photo shoots at the beach so you have something to change into after the session if your clothes get wet and sandy. Let me know ahead of time if you would even like to go in the water completely!

neutral colored outfits
Neutral colored outfits. Her darker colored dress contrasts well with his lighter colored outfit.

Tip #6: Complete the outfit with accessories.

This can be jewelry that complements your outfit or a beautiful flower crown.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session
Her flower crown completes the outfit. Her son’s all white outfit is a perfect balance against her red dress. The white and red look great as a contrast against the blue water.

Tip #7: Remove all bulky items from your pockets and hair ties from your wrists.

Before starting the photo session, be sure to remove cell phones from your pockets and any other bulky items such as car keys. Also make sure to remove anything you don’t want seen in the photos: hair ties, perhaps a watch or wrist band you don’t want on, etc.

What to Wear to a Maternity Photo Session
Be sure to remove all bulky items from pockets. His white shirt contrasts perfectly with blue jeans and looks great together with her light blue dress.

Tip #8: Make sure your clothes are ironed and fit well.

An outfit can easily be ruined if its wrinkled. It’s all in the details! So be sure all of the outfits are pressed and fit well (not too tight or baggy).

maternity photo south pointe park
A well fitted and beautiful maternity dress.

Tip #9: Change outfits mid-session.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a different look. For 1 or 2 hour sessions, feel free to swap outfits mid-session, just let me know ahead of time if you plan on doing so. You can bring one dressier outfit and one casual one, or simply bring different outfits to change looks.

maternity photo session miami beach botanical garden
Her red dress helps them stand out from the greenery. This couple changed outfits mid-session for a different look.

Tip #10: Don’t stress too much about what to wear.

The most important part of a photo shoot is to have fun and showcase the love you have for each other. If you need advice or a second opinion on an outfit, feel free to contact me and send me photos. I want your photo session to be an easy and memorable experience! My goal is to provide you with beautiful and joyful photos for you to enjoy for years to come.

maternity photo session miami beach
The blue tones contrast well with the greenery.

Get Inspired! Check out this Pinterest board for more visual ideas of what to wear to a photo session.

You can also go through the blog to see what outfits people have worn in the past to give you ideas on what to wear to a maternity photo shoot.

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I hope you found this post on what to wear to a maternity photo session helpful!