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Miami Photographer specializing in Children and Family Photography

Tova is a Miami Photographer who specializes in portrait photography, specifically children, families and engagement sessions. With a style that is natural and genuine, Tova seeks to capture families and couples and the way they interact together, with a focus on natural, in the moment images. Clients have the option of purchasing a high resolution CD of all the photos from the session, as well as professionally printed photos, canvas prints, albums and more.

Couples & Engagement Photographer in Miami Beach

Whether you want artistic photos together "just because" or to mark a special occassion like your anniversary or engagement, Tova Photography is a Miami Photographer in Florida who offers photo sessions for couples who are looking for fine art photos and documentary style images.

Miami Photographers South Florida

Tova is a Miami Beach Photographer servicing South Florida locations, including Miami, Miami Beach, South Beach, Key Biscayne, Coral Gables, Fisher Island, Aventura, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour, North Miami Beach, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale. and is available as a destination portrait photographer. View Tova Photography's blog and become a fan on her facebook page. You can also view her thumbtack page. Need ideas for locations? Wondering what are the best spots in Miami for a photo shoot? Take a look at this list of locations for Miami Photography to help give you ideas when planning your next session.

Wondering how to get your kids to cooperate? Make sure they get enough sleep the night before so they are well rested. Bring along water, drinks, and snacks in case they get hungry. Some parents opt to bring along their child’s favorite toys, books, or an exciting new toy that will capture their attention. It’s best simply to let little children be, so if they don’t want to look at the camera initially, that is completely fine. This way the session will be a fun activity, and they won’t want to avoid the camera. I also bring along small stuffed animals to get the kids attention and give them something colorful to look at, which they always love.

Often it takes time for children to warm up, this is completely normal. If they want to run around and explore their environment, I will simply follow them around and document them as they interact with everything around them. I also encourage parents to interact with their kids as they do on a daily basis – as their caretaker, you know best what makes your child laugh, whether it’s lifting them in the air, singing a favorite song, running after them, etc. This a great way to get the best children photography in Miami.

As my specialty is portraits, one of my favorite things to photograph is high school seniors. You can choose to incorporate something you love into the photos – whether its music and you want to bring along an instrument you play – or if for example, you are a dancer you can show off some of your moves. this can add a fun element to the photos. This is completely optional. What I do highly recommend is bringing along 2-3 outfits for a one-hour session, if you have any more than 3 outfits a 2-hour session would allow enough time for a wardrobe change. If you would like to visit more than 1 location I would also recommend a 2-hour session. Senior photography in Miami is a great experience! There are so many wonderful options – from various beaches, to beautiful parks, or the urban backdrop of downtown Miami in the Wynwood district which has endless murals.

Looking for a Miami maternity photographer? I love photographing mom’s to document this special time in your life. Generally the 7th and 8th month is the best time for this. You can choose to wear flowing dresses, more fitted clothing to accentuate your belly – whatever your style is.

When you are looking for Miami Photographers, you want someone whose style resonates with you. Take a look through my work and if it’s what you are looking for, I look forward to working with you and creating lasting memories. I strive to provide the best experience for my customers, from the moment you contact me, until you receive your photos. If you notice, I keep editing to a minimum so the photos speak for themselves. Extremely edited photos with various filters tend to be a fad and in time they seem very dated. Whereas when you keep them true-to-life – accurate to the color and lighting in real life – the photos remain timeless.

A Day in the Life of Your Family

You can choose to get your family dressed up, head to a scenic spot and have your photos taken there. Or, you can choose a unique option - I can come to your house and photograph you and your family, your children, as you are. Going about your regular day. How do you spend your Sunday? Perhaps you want to whip up some pancakes with kids, or brownie batter, put on music and dance together, water your backyard garden together, have your kids dress up in their favorite costume, or sit down for some quiet play time with legos or books. Whatever you do together, have it documented for your kids to be able to look back at this fleeting time in their lives. When do you stop and admire the beauty of spending time together on a day-to-day basis? The little things that happen... laughing together, crying over sibling rivalry, playing hide-and-go-seek? It's those everday activites that comprise our days and weeks and months, and having a slice of life documented on camera gives you the ability to look back on a time that will never cease to make you smile and laugh.

Photographing in these zip codes: 33139, 33140, 33134, 33149, 33138, 33141, 33154, 33160, 33180, 33131, 33132, 33145, 33135, 33146, 33133, 33128, 33130, 33129

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