How do I book a photo session?


Once we have discussed the day and time you would like to book, I will email you a link to reserve the session online (credit/debit cards accepted). The session fee is required in advance in order to hold the date.

What should we wear to our photo session?


Check out these guides on what to wear to a family photo session, what to wear to a couples photo session, and what to wear to a maternity photo session. For visual inspiration, check out this pinterest board and this couples pinterest board.

My recommendation for someone who sweats a lot is to wear an undershirt and comfortable, breathable materials like cotton. You can also wear a color shirt that won't show the sweat in an obvious way (think dark colors like black or navy).

When is the best time to schedule a session?


For a beach session, the best time is at sunrise or 1.5 - 2 hours before sunset. For a park location with a lot of shade, late morning or early afternoon is a good time.

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I'm so awkward at taking photos! Will you tell us what to do?


Yes! Most people initially feel uncomfortable in front of a camera, but I'll tell you exactly what to do with guided poses and action shots.

What are sessions like?


I like to capture a mix of fine art portraits (classic looking-at-the-camera photos that never get old) along with more fun, interactive photos that show the relationships you have with your loved ones.

When it comes to photographing young kids, I usually start with the more formal photos at the beginning and then capture action and play shots (the more you play with them, the better!) I encourage hugs and cuddles, fun shots like tossing them in the air, running together, etc. If they're crying and you end up holding and soothing them, I want to document that, too!


How should we prepare for our session?


For families with children, making sure they get enough rest and are well fed before the session is most important. Bring plenty of drinks along and snacks if you think your little one might get hungry and a small blanket or sheet if your child isn't walking yet. For beach sessions, towels and a change of clothing might come in handy. It can be windy at the beach, so hair accessories are very helpful. You don't have to bring any props but please feel free to if you so desire (a favorite toy, blanket, books, etc. for young ones).

For couples, I recommend bringing a change of clothing for a different look mid-session. If your session is by the beach and you don't mind dipping your feet in the water (or going all in!), you might want to bring a change of clothes and towel to change into after the session. I also recommend bringing water/drinks to stay hydrated, especially during the warmest times of the year (around May-September).

Do you edit the photos?


After the session, I edit all of the photos for optimum brightness, contrast and color balance. I like to keep the photos looking as natural and true to life as possible. Basic and advanced retouching such as skin smoothing, teeth whitening, etc. is available at an additional cost on a per-image basis.

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When can we see our photos?


I will email you a link to view your photos 1-2 weeks after your session in a private, online gallery.