March 3, 2017

Miami Sunrise Family Session at the Fontainebleau beach

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There they were at the crack of dawn. Standing on the sand, the sun just beginning to rise from the horizon. I was impressed- a family of 6 dressed and ready by 7:15am. Their youngest was still busy finishing his cheerios and wasn’t keen on giving them up, so I began photographing the parents to take advantage of the golden light.

I set them up for a family photo and used one of my animal puppets to get the children’s attention. They started to laugh, not expecting a monkey to be wrapped around a camera lens. Then it was time for some candid, in-the-moment photos. The family ran on the beach holding hands together, smiling and laughing. We also made sure to get some of the parents with each child. Those usually end up being some of my favorites. The children are thrilled to have some one-on-one time, and it really makes for some loving and sweet photos. We also took portraits of each child individually and a few more of the parents alone.

After a full hour together (which really flew by), I left with a smile on my face. I love spending time and having the opportunity to photograph such sweet, loving and joyous families.

This photo session took place at the beach behind the Fontainebleau at sunrise. You can see a list of my favorite spots in Miami for a photo session. Contact me here to set up a photo session.