May 16, 2020

New COVID-19 Guidelines

We’re living in really strange times right now. Sometimes I feel anxious while other times I forget about the new reality that exists outside my home.

The positive side about photographing outdoors is that overall it is a safer environment to be in than indoors. Even so, it is important to be as cautious as possible. I know you want to be safe, as do I – and I’m especially concerned about my loved ones as well.

With things slowly starting to open back up, I have instituted new guidelines for photo sessions.

New Guidelines for Photo Sessions:

  • Physical distancing
    Instead of the usual handshake, we will keep our distance and greet each other from at least 6 feet away. If something needs to be fixed (hair, clothing, etc.) I’ll request you, your partner or someone in your family to fix it.
  • Zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illness
    If anyone at the session is sick (including me), sessions will have to be rescheduled for another time.

General advice for scheduling a photo session during this time:

  • Schedule a session on a weekday and/or early morning when less people are around.
  • Be aware of the face mask policy of the location we’ll be meeting at.

Cancellation Policy:

Provided there is at least 24 hour advance notice, photo sessions are fully refundable minus a 3% fee the processing company charges. So if anything arises, please reach out and contact me so we can re-schedule your session or you can opt for a refund.

After a several month hiatus, I am really excited to be back photographing again! Looking forward to creating beautiful, permanent memories for you to carry with you going forward.

Some other Location Options in South Beach:

Because photos makes everything more interesting, here are two new locations I scouted recently in South Beach that would be great for photo shoots – the new Miami Beach Convention Center on the side of Washington Avenue and the nearby New World Symphony.

  • Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Miami Beach Convention Center
  • Miami Beach Convention Center

-Just across the street is the New World Symphony which has pretty greenery and an urban feel, too.

  • New World Symphony
  • New World Symphony