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Backyard Wedding Ceremony in Palm Island, Miami Beach

Miami Wedding Ceremony

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Miami Wedding Ceremony Miami Wedding Ceremony

Backyard Wedding Ceremony in Palm Island, Miami Beach

I photographed this couple’s wedding in the privacy and comfort of their own backyard. There was just the wedding officiant, the couple and myself. In a matter of minutes they were married! I loved the quietness and intimacy of having a simple ceremony. It doesn’t take away from the emotional weight of the occasion, it just simplifies what it’s really all about – committing yourself to one individual.

The best part for me was having time to photograph the two of them after the ceremony. They are extremely kind people and extremely smitten and in-love with one another! Looking at the photos you can see the joy radiating from their faces. Capturing that emotion is a huge part of why I love photographing people, both couples and families.

Thinking of getting eloped? This site has “All the things you need to know about eloping“. While I don’t photograph most weddings (i.e. all day events 6+ hours long), I love photographing small, outdoor weddings or ceremonies (max 2 hours coverage) where it’s either just the two of you, or a small number of family and friends present.

Even if it is just the two of you with a minister, it’s still nice having the memory recorded for personal reasons. It’s probably one of the few times you’ll set aside time to photograph you and your partner together, and what better time to do that than on your wedding day ­čÖé

Wedding Officiant: Madison Pinder (from Wedding Officiants of South Florida)
Location: Palm Island, Florida (Miami Beach)

Small, Intimate Outdoor Miami Wedding Ceremony at Sunrise

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Small, Intimate Miami Wedding Ceremony at Sunrise

While I specialize in family and couple photography, on occasion I’ll photograph very small, intimate outdoor wedding ceremonies that are usually no more than an hour or two long. I love the intimacy of just having close family members present, or sometimes it’s an elopement with just the couple, minister and myself. There’s no chaos involved, no crazy stress, no wedding planner, no hall, no intense planning. Just the couple committing themselves to each other. Saying their vows, declaring their love for each other, in an intimate ceremony with no additional bells and whistles to distract from what a wedding is really about.

This wedding took place just before sunrise at 6:45am on a cool Miami morning. Their closest family members were present, dressed in mostly white and cream colors. It was a beautiful ceremony, when the vows were said there were tears and smiles. After they were married, there was a palpable sense of joy and love. After taking some family portraits, we spent the remainder of the time capturing just the two of them under the golden glow of the rising sun.

The location for the wedding was on the beach behind the Soho Beach House in Miami Beach, Florida.

Rachel & Jacob, Miami Couple Photographer

Miami Couple Photographer Miami-Couple-Photographer-003 Miami Couple Photographer Miami-Couple-Photographer-005 Miami-Couple-Photographer-006 Miami-Couple-Photographer-007


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I had such an incredible time with these two! Not only are they super kind, good-hearted people, they are so loving and sweet together. We couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. The beach was empty (weekday afternoon!), the sky showed off with its magnificent cloudscapes, and the shallow water created beautiful reflections. We started off taking pictures by the water then walked to the South Pointe Pier. I’ve never photographed on the actual pier before. It turned out to ┬ábe a good spot because of its view overlooking the ocean and rocks from a higher angle.

This session took place at South Pointe Park, once of my favorite spots in Miami Beach. See all the photo sessions at South Pointe Park (quite a lot!) on the blog. Looking to find the best Miami Photography locations? I’ve got you covered there as well.

I love photographing couples. Whether it’s for an engagement session, you’re on your honeymoon, just got married, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or simply because it’s been ages that the two of you have been photographed together. Or just because you’re totally smitten and in-love and want photos documenting this time in your life. Let’s not leave out one of the most exciting categories – the pre-engagement, surprise proposal sessions!