July 14, 2016

5 Tips to Prepare for a Family Photo Session

5 Tips to Prepare for a Family Photo Session


1. Bring water/drinks to stay hydrated

This is especially important in the summer months when it’s very hot and humid.

2. Make sure kids are well rested and fed

With young children, it’s always best to work around their schedule – this can mean scheduling the session right after they’ve napped and eaten, this way there’s less chance of them getting cranky during the photo shoot.

3. Have your clothing chosen in advance

My main tips for what to wear is: be comfortable, wear something you feel you look really good in, choose either coordinating colors (for example: a mix of blues, whites, pinks and greys; coral & turquoise, etc.) or all white outfits, white + jean. Avoid busy patterns and logos. Also, check out my blog post on what to wear to a photo session and this Pinterest board to give you ideas of what to wear.

Miami-Family-PhotographerNotice the contrasting dark blue dress with the white shirt, and the pop of pink.

4. Bring towels and a change of clothing for beach sessions

Young children especially are drawn to the water and by the end of the shoot may end up with wet clothes and sandy feet.

Miami-Children-PhotographerIf kids (and parents) want to go in the water, I leave it for the end of the session before their outfits get soaked!

5. Make sure there’s nothing in your pockets! Or anything you don’t want to be seen in the photos.

Too often I see pockets bulging with phones and it’s not too flattering in pictures 😉 Guys especially tend to fill their front or back pockets and I photograph from all angles so make sure to leave your items in a bag that you can place nearby and always within eyesight. Women often tend to keep a spare ponytail on their wrist that they may wish they had removed beforehand.

Bulging-pocketsMake sure your pockets are empty before the session! 🙂

Five Tips to prepare for a Family Photo Session in Miami © Tova Photography